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Tattoos can be removed so much more easily and more efficiently now that we can use lasers to aid the process. Beauty By Sonia has the very best, most up to date laser equipment to ensure you get the best possible results in the shortest possible time. See how lasers work to remove tattoos in the illustration:




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Removing Tattoos - Before Picture

Removing Tattoos

And After Treatment

Tattoo Removal Treatment

Here`s How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

To remove a tattoo the laser cracks open the ink particles that the tattoo is made up of by heating the particles up until they expand and break open. There is a lot of heat involved and the laser works very quickly and at a very narrow frequency which makes this process so effective. The laser gives you more of a shock sensation rather than a burning one as the speed of the laser forces up the upper layer of your skin.

Once the ink particles have been cracked open your white blood cells then get to work, absorbing them and dragging the particles over to your liver where they are then eliminated from your body.

If there is a tattoo you wish to have removed this is definitely the most effective treatment and the quickest. For more details give our salon a ring or fill in the Contact Form on the Contact Us page. 

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