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Enlighten Teeth Whitening System

At last! An exceptional teeth whitening system we can trust and also guarantee VITA shade B1 on every case, irrespective of starting shade. This system is recommended and used by top dentists throughout the country, including those at Harley Street dental studios, and there are numerous press editorals to back this premium system.

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TEL: 01204 840 859

Email: enquiries@beautybysonia.co.uk

The Enlighten whitening system is carried out by a PROFESSIONAL QUALIFIED DENTIST within the comfort of our Salon to help take out the anxiety often experienced by some Clients when in the dental surgery.


Key Features

B1 Guaranteed irrespective of starting shade

Near Zero sensitivity every case

Impression materials and trays, locked seal labwork

No lights, gingival protection or dehydration whitening

Free tooth serum paste with refrigerated cold pack

We know with whiter looking teeth the face can appear more youthful and fresh looking, and Enlighten Teeth Whitening dentists can now confidently guarantee this, so no more "gimmicky" laser beauty salon teeth whitening.

You can now try what everyone is talking about, this is ideal for a forthcoming event such as a wedding or Christmas, or a special birthday, where you want to look your best. This is a system that gives you great results at a very reasonable price.

Please enquire within the Salon for prices and consultations.